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Customers are the first line of defense when it comes to leak detection. Utilities odorize natural gas with Mercaptan — which smells similar to rotten eggs — so that it's easy to smell if there is a gas leak. If you detect a gas leak, take action immediately.
  • Leave the building immediatelyand take others with you. If you are outside when you smell the gas, leave the area immediately.
  • Avoid causing a spark, which might cause the gas to explode:

    • Do not light a match or smoke.
    • Do not turn appliances or lights on or off.
    • Do not use a flashlight.
    • Do not start a car.
    • Do not use a telephone.
  • Find a phone away from the area and call 911or your natural gas utility. You can report leaks anonymously. Always call to report the problem. Do not assume someone else will do it.
  • Follow directionsfrom utility employees or emergency responders who are on site.
About Us
Sahara gas is backed by the vision of Mr.Ram Chander Sheoran who has got decades of valuable experience behind him of LPG supplying. What do we believe in at Sahara Gas.
Sahara gas is one of India’s leading LPG suppliers helping the Indian households cooking food as it is Sahara gas iconic vision to light the flame of hunger satiating food in every Indian household and businesses as well. Sahara gas offers an opportunity of its strong franchise network to the buyers and investors helping them create their bright future. Sahara gas has an intense franchise network in areas like Delhi NCR, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan already and is further looking for PAN India expansion. We at Sahara gas understand the need of our customers and provide 24/7 customer support along with the best LPG quality gas possible. The safety of our customers is our priority and is of utmost significance to us. We provide quick installation services to our customers with variety of modules. The LPG we provide is in contrast to the customer satisfaction. We believe in providing easy and hassle free services to our loyal consumers. We are mentored and backed by one of the leading franchise consultancy companies i.e, franchise zing and it is because of their dedicated services that we are having this profitable franchise opportunity to expand aggressively.
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